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Welcome on the new SCRUTINIZE AND BROADCAST PRODUCTIONS website. This site is under construction!

S.A.B. PROD produces the two "rock" radio broadcasts of the Brussels based RADIO AIR LIBRE (87.7 FM).

NOT ONLY NEGATIVE (since 1994) is a very open-minded radioshow, going from the grooviest electro-pop to the more brutal metal you've ever heard, by gothic, wave, dark electro, body, indus, noise, grunge, hard core, punk, oï, ska, pop, or whatever you want to name it! Christophe is the only captain on board, doing everything on his own: musical choices, interviews, presentation and technical realization.

METAL FACTORY (since 2000) is the little sister of Not Only (-). It's a 100% metal broadcast, exploring every facet of metal, from the 70's till now (or tomorrow) with loads of interviews. Metal Factory is Golgoth (musical programmation, presentation and interviews) and Christophe (musical programmation, presentation, interviews and technical realization) with Apostasy, Cortex and JC, their reviewers.

NOT ONLY (-) and METAL FACTORY are broadcast each Tuesday evening from 6 to 10 on Radio Air Libre, 87.7fm (only in Brussels and its great area). The two first hours are Not Only (-), two last ones, Metal Factory.

Click here to visit Radio Air Libre's website

S.A.B. PROD also has a disc-jockey section, animating metal parties as other parties (regular student parties, for example).

Christophe @ Fuse, Brussels

Finally, we hope to begin organizing concerts in the Brussels area during 2005.

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S.A.B. PRODUCTIONS - c/o Christophe SIMON - av. Joseph De Heyn 76 - B-1090 Brussels
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